Ars Murano was founded in 1982 by Roberto Cammozzo, Elio Raffaeli and Renzo Vianello.

The three partners had different backgrounds, but they all previously collaborated with the famous artist Livio Seguso, whose influence proved fundamental to their training. In his furnace, they learnt precision, love for detail, purity, elegance, and a deep understanding of glass. Ars was created on these same principles, with Renzo, Roberto and Elio integrating their deep expertise with a passion for their art and a natural desire to express it.

Besides their own diverse collections (which include a specialization in breathtaking glass aquaria), their skills and openness have led to their collaborating with international designers such as Kyohei Fujita (Japan), Federica Marangoni (Venice-Italy), Alfredo Sosabravo (Cuba), Gina Nahlè (Lebanon), Duncan McClellan (USA) and particularly the late, great stage director and designer, Robert Wilson (USA).

Thus, every design speaks a different language, and it is only through his devotion, humility and intimate knowledge of the substance – now liquid and incandescent, now hard and cold – that the glass master can honour the unique properties of the material, and yet preserve the personality of both the designer and the creator.

This process is exciting, as it means combining the historical tradition of Murano with a continuous exploration of new paths – an experience that refreshes mind and spirit, and creates a sense of unity with the whole world, through art that is both beauty and poetry.

For our collections, these were the exceptional characteristics that we knew we needed. Our glass is blown by Mariano Moro, who also worked under Livio Seguso, and has been a gaffer (maestro) with his own team (piazza) at Ars Murano since 2002. He commutes daily from his birthplace, Burano.