The excellence of Czech glass: Dechem Studio and Bomma

What do we look for when we are assessing the design of a glass light?

From the designer, a genuine, real feeling for glass – what makes it unique and what it can do best. As the oldest man-made material, is there will be an awareness of its cultural history? How do they handle the junction of glass and metal?

From the glassworks, the quality of the glass and how it has been worked. Exceptional clarity in clear glass.

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Cones are a Thing

Cones have been around for as long as there have been lamp shades. The empire shade is a cone with the top cut off to let out the heat of the lamp. A basic metal school pendant is a cone. But recently, cones have become a Thing....

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Your cut-out-n-keep guide to cordless lights

The typical lumen output per watt of LED lamps is now great enough for cordless lights to be a viable option in many situations. As proof of this, a rash of them broke out all over Euroluce last month. So for the first time we can now see how cordless lights will develop, and identify the issues that you should bear in mind when specifying them. 

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So what actually were the trends at Euroluce?

Euroluce is BIG, by far the most important world event for decorative lighting, and supplemented by so much being shown in pop-up spaces in Milan during that week, so it is a bellwether for the state of the industry. So what were the trends this year?   

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Understanding Design by Mai

There are one or two artists and designers who have not only a unique creative vision, but also the courage, skills and determination to set up and run their own company. They are heroes (actually, more often, heroines). The heroine in this email is the Belgian Mai Waelkens, whose company is called Design by Mai

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