Why you must see Artelier C at designjunction, stand G21

An artist, a luxury lighting expert, and a revolutionary new material have come together to create something exceptional -- genuinely a game-changer. 

So this email is essential reading if you ever get involved in specifying decorative lighting installations in existing buildings (especially listed or heritage) and/or in big spaces (atria, foyers, stairwells). 

Haute Couture Carbon from Artelier C makes possible pieces of unimaginable lightness, thus circumventing almost all installation problems.

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Exceptional functionality, and true minimalism, in Davide Groppi's 2018 collection

In the end, most designers of lights just set out to create a pretty light. It may be unusual, or it may follow a trend. But Davide Groppi starts with a problem – a requirement that needs to be filled. He then solves it most elegantly. His 2018 introductions illustrate this.

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A few tips for Milan

Milan is huge, so you’ll never see everything you want to see, even if you are there all week. So, it is essential to plan. This post therefore makes some suggestions, and points you towards the lists of some blogs and web sites. 

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Decorative lighting at Light+Building

Because Light+Building is huge, lighting designers could decide not to go into the decorative lighting areas at all. That would be a pity, for all sorts of reasons, so this post is a highly selective list of suggestions of who you should try to make time for, and why.

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Understanding Nautic from Tekna

Why is Tekna’s Nautic brand such a successful source of lanterns?

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