Broccoli light by Growtheobjects

Broccoli by growthobjects 002Broccoli by growthobjects 004Is it a light? Or is it broccoli -- romanesco broccoli, to be exact! We shouldn't be surprised at the mimicking of one of the most fascinating and complex patterns in nature, because the fractal shape is generated mathematically. It is only one of a series of harmonious but asymmetrical designs from Growtheobjects. The technology they use is Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) and relates to the 3D printing exploited by MGX by Materialise and Freedom of Creation. The work of these companies makes available to the interior designer the most advanced materials, and objects that could never have existed before in the real world. How cool is that?! The creative force behind Growtheobjects is KXdesigners and the technical expertise is courtesy of CloneNature (whose web site is really interesting), both of whom are in Barcelona. To find out more, visit the Broccoli page on Growetheoject's site.

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