Outside In from Nic Parnell

Nic Parnell outside in floor light Design Milk is featuring Nic Parnell's Outside In collection. yet another series of lights in wood? Yes, but this time the wood is flocked! To good effect: the result is organic shapes, in bright colours -- and, as with all English lights, they have a lamp shade on top! What more could you possibly want.

This one could be a flash of lightning

Nic Parnell red outside in floor lightand here's little table light

Nic Parnell outside in table lightOutside in? Well, the bucolic tree branch is, by human intervention, converted into something for the house. No longer for outside: the flock would become soggy.

Nic Parnell outside in red floor light

This is what Peckham-based Nic Parnell says about his Outside In collection:

"Interfering with natural forms and texture, these objects are then replenished with an injection of tactile colour (Nylon Flock). "Outside in" aspires to bridge the gap between the surreal and the ordinary. It satisfies our visual desires to repel geometry and structure whilst engaging with nature in a newly formed intelligence, one that is engineered for visual and sensory engagement."

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