Helpful videos #1: showing what a light looks like It is so easy nowadays to create and post videos. This means that we can do on a web what was not possible in printed catalogues. This video from the Spanish company, LZF, shows how they can give an impression of what a real light is like, in a real space, to someone who is moving around and past it.

In this case, it is an arrangement of white Totems in a cluster. The video does not have to be of particularly high quality, and it doesn't really need to have music.

That having been said, one still wants recourse to good still images (and data)!

This light is very well named -- it is can be totemic, in white:

LZF Totem-04-h white

LZF totem-009-tot5-s-chw-20-b whiteor in a wood finish:

LZF totem-010-tot3-s-chw-21-b woodLZF Totem-07-h woodThese pictures show how effectively this large design (in fact, is a family of related designs, to be hung separately, or mix'n'matched) can be used to fill stairwells and atria that are several storeys high. This is partly because, though they are large, the impression they give is light, airy and elegant, thanks to their being made of the thinnest strips of wood, in open shapes. The close-up below shows (more clearly than the video can) what the texture of the strips is like (and remember, they can come in a variety of colours):

LZF Totem-09-h white detail

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