Big Ring by Johanna Grawunder

Rushing through a dark, rain-soaked Florence last month, I was stopped in my tracks by this fabulous pendant light that is on display at Antonella Villanova's lovely gallery at Via della Spada 36r. It is 160cm in diameter and mostly mirror-polished steel. I can't think of anything else like it (most pendants this size would be chandeliers). It is by Johanna Grawunder and is one of an edition of three. So if you want one, haste ye to the gallery before it goes! The gallery staged an exhibition of Johanna Grawunder's work during May 2011. She has long been a heroine of ours, both for her thrilling understanding of colour and light, demonstrated both in her installations, and also in her limited edition pieces, such as this Ocular Table:

Ocular Table by Johanna Grawunder

also for designs that she has made for production items, such as Wan for Flos:

wan-s by Johanna Grawunder for Flos

But do snap up that Big Ring before it goes! We don't have room for it in our cottage, unfortunately, otherwise it wouldn't still be available...

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