Friday Fun: how to pass the time in the office #1 -- make your own 3D calendar!

Scout_February 2012 calendarThanks to those great people at Scout Creative, you can cut out and make your own 3D calendar for February. You can then place it artfully on your desk. Imagine the envious glances from colleagues! Boost your design-awareness credentials! Download it here. The only other things you will need are: a metal-edged ruler, a butter knife, scissors or a craft knife, a cutting mat (option), and multipurpose glue -- all of which you'll have already in the office (well, maybe not the butter knife).

This is all thanks to their Calendar of the Month Club. As they say, "This elite club features a monthly paper toy calendar for your viewing and scheduling pleasure." You can join it here.

Fun as this is, it is also very effective marketing. Why else would I, in the England's picturesque Vale of White Horse, be posting about a content marketing agency based on Portland, Oregon? Even without my pointing it out, you already know that one of their strengths is 3D paper crafts. And, of course,  they are demonstrating how good they are at marketing. It's almost viral....

As an example of their real work, here is a little animated .gif of a cute duck, which is part of the University of Oregon’s promotional postcard series by which high school students are encouraged to learn about and visit the campus -- see here.

When you've made your calendar, do send us a pic of it on your desk!

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