Hyphae table light from Nervous System

Hyphae table light by Nervous System 07Hot on the heels of the Broccoli light from Growtheobjects, another studio--this time, Nervous System in Massachusetts--is following in the footsteps of Freedom of Creation and MGX by Materialise to exploit the possibilities of rapid prototyping technology (in this case, laser sintering) to create very complex, organic shapes.

Hyphae table light by Nervous System 02

That is to say, they would be complex for any other method of production, but they are easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy for this science. A computer tells the machine what to produce, and a formula tells the computer what to design.

In this case, leaf shapes are "grown":

Hyphae table light by Nervous System 05

To find out more, visit Designboom.

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