"Lightweight Lightings" by Margus Triibman for Keha3

lightweight from keha3 001From this simple unit, based on the idea of a weight, the Estonian designer Margus Triibman has created for his industrial design consultancy, Keha3, a light which, with the addition of various components, and/or in groups, can fulfil almost every lighting need!

It can be a wall light:

lightweight by Keha3 002a table light:

lightweight by Keha3 003a floor light:

lightweight from keha3 004When it is a pendant, different shades create different looks:

lightweight from keha3 013

lightweight from keha3 005

and even more looks when they are combined:

lightweight from Keha3 006lightweight from keha3 007Perhaps the neatest option is this next one, because it adds an extra material, terracotta, which converts this most contemporary of lights into a traditional, rustic pendant:

lightweight from keha3 008and the shade can be also used as a bowl...

lightweight from keha3 009However, when we get to grouping several to make a chandelier, or a source of reflected light, it could be used as a definition of what specifiers in Britain hate most! They never want to see a cable (to the mystification of everybody else on the planet) or anything particularly messy, so imagine their reaction to:

lightweight from keha3 010or (a great design for an industrial look, this -- with added colour!):

lightweight from keha3 011

but particularly:

lightweight from keha3 012These lights can be bought from the Keha3 online shop.

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