Miyo origami table light by Silke Steinberg

Miyo Lamp by Silke Steinberg, with figureWe all make our initial acquaintance with most lights via pictures of them. And it does not take long to realize that a certain amount of airbrushing goes on -- usually of the power cable for table lights.

But we want this picture to be real, because there is so much that is good about this light:

  1. origami is fascinating anyway
  2. the result is a very sculptural form ...
  3. ...which is determined by the user, not by the manufacturer (as Ingo Maurer would like!)
  4. one section can be adjusted without the whole structure being affected
  5. the amount and direction of the light cast can be tightly controlled
  6. it could be made available in a wide range of finishes:

Miyo origami light by Silke Steinberg red Miyo origami light by Silke Steinberg, greenA certain vagueness about this design is permissible since it is not in production. It was developed by Silke Steinberg as part of her course at the Detmolder Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur.

But we are longing to know more, and hope to see a version in production, so that we can all have one!

It is shown in two sizes:

Miyo origami light by Silke Steinberg, two sizesSee Mocoloco.

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