Niche Moderne custom Phaeton pendant installation in Mexico

There is a fascinating lighting company in New York called Niche Moderne. They have a natural feeling for glass, and they know about glass. They include in their collection Incalmo, that pays homage to Tapio Wirkkala's Bolle for Venini: Niche Moderne Encalmo

Carbon filament, squirrel cage, and other lamps that allow the pattern and glow of metal filament to be married to a beautifully proportioned blown glass bulb, are glorious to behold, and the right clear glass shade will show them off to perfection. Niche Moderne exploit this to the full.

Niche Moderne Crystal_Group_All

Niche Moderne Effervescent_Group_All

Because of the efforts of politicians who are minded to attack the light bulb, in ignorance of the consequences, we have been researching what interesting filament lamps are still available and we'll be posting our findings. There are also difficulties getting 230V versions of linear, single-ended filament lamps.

Niche Moderne Sola 36 Solitaire Grey

We'd like to see versions of these lights all over the world! But, whereas a private client can take the risk of buying a light for which they may not be able to source the lamp, an interior designer can't.

Niche Moderne round-25

Unfortunately, Niche Moderne have not yet engineered international versions their lights, so they can't be used outside north America. Nevertheless, we include them here because the strength of the collection. We will continue to follow them on behalf of lovers of great design and great lights everywhere. And -- who knows -- enough demand from abroad may encourage them to work with UL to get certificates of conformity to international/EU standards!

This business is about real people -- in this case, Mary Welch and Jeremy Pyles. Here's a picture of them in a Hospitality Design article:

Niche Modern in Hospitality Design May-June 2011

and their blog is keeping us up-to-date with the creation of their new studio.

They have a neat video called, in all humility, The Purpose of Lighting:

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