Notte by Prandina in a shoe shop

Notte by Prandina in Riga Pictures of light in real installations are surprisingly hard to come by (often the only images available were taken by a member of the construction team on their phone, as they put the last light up at three in the morning). But "set shots", as we call them, are extremely useful (it is easier to see how big a light is when it is seen with other objects) and potentially inspirational ("well, I never thought of using that light in that way").

Notte by Prandina in RigaThis is Prandina's Notte, one of the most attractive and versatile of all such pendants. It is an interesting, but simple, shape and available in many options -- sizes, materials and colours.

Notte by Prandina in RigaThis shoe shop in Riga was designed by Natalia Mitina. She specified Notte in metal, in custom colours -- white on the outside and pink on the inside. This follows the look throughout the shop, where the whites and the browns are given a lift by touches of pink, in the benches, for example, and in the pink flowers in the vases going up the stairs.

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