OLED installation by Simon Brünner at Qubique Berlin

OLED Supernova by Simon Bruenner at Qubique.02Simon Brünner, the brilliant young artist and experimenter with light who runs neuesLicht, has created an Qube, an OLED installation (i.e. "organic light") for the new Qubique fair at Berlin's old Tempelhof airport. OLED Supernova by Simon Bruenner at Qubique.02These are CGIs --  we are looking forward to seeing photos of the real thing. In the meantime, there is this great short video about it:


It is clear that there is groundbreaking work going on here. It takes a while for designers to find a way to create pieces which incorporate a completely new light source, like an OLED, without their being merely a celebration of the existence of this new, exciting thing.

OLEDs by Simon Bruenner at Qubique.01The installation is a walk-through space, 12m x 12m, which makes it the largest of its kind in the world. It uses more than 1,300 OLEDs. At this very early stage in the technology's commercialization, they are very expensive. The project has been made possible by Osram's enlightened funding of labme, "an open source design platform for the creative usage of OLEDs." Simon is acting as its creative director.

OLED Supernova by Sion Bruenner at Qubique.01

For more up-to-date info, do visit their page on Facebook.

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