Petits Fréres by Milia Serppel

Petits Freres table lights by Milia Seyppel Thank you, Mocoloco, for drawing to our attention the Petits Fréres Collection from Hamburg-based Milia Serppel. These table lights, somehow reminiscent of chess pieces from another planet, are part of a larger collection that includes a pendant and a floor light:

petits_freres by Milia Seyppel, full collection

This picture gives a better sense of their scale:

petits freres collection by milia seyppel

In Milia's own words: "Petits Frères is a triumvirate of lamps, inspired by early machines and industrial architecture. Each is individual in character and personality, while remaining a part of the family entity. Aside from the difference in form and color, there is a diversification of switch mechanisms, each in accordance with the shape and function of the lamp. The lamps can be seen as siblings, alike and at the same time very different."

So, as I said, chess pieces....

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