Prandina lights in a dental surgery

Prandina in the Studio Barbaglia Studio DentisticoThese are the new interiors of the Studio Barbaglia dentist's in Omegna. They posted pictures of them on Facebook. One response was, "Quando mi passerà la paura del dentista prenderò appuntamento da te....." -- my feelings exactly, particularly since Omegna is at the head of beautiful lake Orta! But I probably never will... From the point of view of Fine Lighting News, though, they show what can be contributed to an interior by well-chosen lights, in this case, a consistent set of designs from Prandina.

You can see, up to the left, the Platone W3. Here it is close-up, with a fluorescent lamp:

PLATONE W3 from Prandinaand here it is in black with a halogen lamp:

Platone from Prandina in black Over the counter to the right is a Teca S3:

Teca S3 from Prandina set shotthat looks like this:

TECA S3 from Prandina set shot

These two designs complement each other very well,

Prandina Platone W3 set shot

and they are consistent with the look and feel of the rest of the interior design:

Platone W3 from Prandina set shot

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