Rain table light by Tadao Shimizu for Abovo

Rain table light by Tadao Shimizu for Abovo.01Here is a cute table light by Tadao Shimazu for the Japanese producer Abovo. On the left is Golden Rain and on the right, Silver Rain.

Table lights in the form of clouds -- this is rare. Another member of this Cloud series is Sky, a pendant -- which is not so rare: several designers have had fun using clouds as an inspiration for pendants.

Sky by Tadao Shimizu for AbovoBut he is back to being unique -- and cute -- with the other table lights in the series, On the Morning Pond, On the Silver Pond and On the Dusk pond:

Morning Pond, Silver Pond, Dusk Pond by Tadao Shimazu for AbovoTo find out more, visit the Cloud Silver Rain post on DailyTonic.

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