Santa & Cole's new blog, new magazine, and Cirio by Antoni Arola

Santa & Cole Ciro rings What is this? (The answer's at the foot of the post.)

Santa & Cole hi! blogPart of the remit of Fine Lighting News is to include posts from the blogs of quality lighting companies. Of course, those blogs have to exist in the first place! So we are delighted to celebrate Santa & Cole's new blog.

Not only are they taking this internet marketing initiative, but they are boldly going into industrial marketing too, with a magazine!

Santa & Cole highlights_1The online version was introduced in April 2011 and printed copies were made available for Qubique in Berlin. It can be downloaded in PDF form from here. It is a very informative introduction to their latest light designs, with good images and full data. It ends with a summary of their current range.

Note particularly, Sirio, by the Barcelona-based designer Antoni Arola.

Cirio by Santa & Cole set shotIt is a simple, elegant pendant that uses LEDs. Its outer layer comes in a choice of materials. The first ones had a white shade made of a special porcelain from Galicia, which gave the effect of candles. Arranged in a huge ring (see the image at the top of this post) they are reminiscent of the lighting in large mosques.

The intention was " use LED technology for non-aggressive lighting in big spaces." For example:

Cirio from Santa & Cole, drawing of options

Other shade finshes being introduced are aluminium, in gentle tones of gold or red.

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