Sunday Times tell readers: buy cheap fakes!

First the Daily Telegraph (see Daily Telegraph tell readers: buy cheap fakes!)  and now the Sunday Times in its Home section on 30th October 2011: Sunday Times Home 30 10 11It is even the same light -- Achille Castiglioni's Arco for Flos-- that the Daily Telegraph targeted. Flos must have done a Very Bad Thing to justify these attacks by the British press....

Bizarrely, the Sunday Times tried to justify their suggestion by saying that Samantha Cameron, the prime minister's wife, bought one! This is inconceivable for two reasons.

First, David Cameron (as prime minister) and his wife (because of her association with the luxury leather goods company Smythson) are fully aware of the considerable economic damage caused by fakes and counterfeit goods.

Secondly, design is about attention to detail. A fake is never as good as the real thing -- it just might look like the real thing through half-closed eyes from a distance. If she has been working with a luxury goods company, Samantha Cameron must have some visual awareness, some feeling for design, surely?

Sadly, the whole point of the full Sunday Times feature, Spot the Difference, was to encourage the buying of fakes. Just so you know, this is what a real Arco looks like:

Arco from FlosArco from Flos -- detailThere was also a limited edition with a black marble base.

It is beautifully made by Flos, whose name will be on it and on all the packaging (though this can be faked too, of course). It will be clearly CE marked -- i.e. not dangerous or illegal, because it meets all the necessary regulatory requirements. Does the fake -- even if it says it does...?

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