Volière by Challières Paris sparks controversy on Kelly Hoppen's TV show

Those of you fortunate enough to have watched Kelly Hoppen's television programme, shown on British television on 1st November, will not only have seen Mathieu Challières' La Petite Volière, but also how sharply it divides opinion!

La petite Voliere from Challieres ParisWe have seen quite violent reactions against it from professional interior designers, for whom it seemed to violate some fundamental moral law that governs what a light should be. On the other hand, many really love it. In our sales office, where the staff could have any light they want, it was this that they chose -- they found it enchanting.

The birds are beautifully made models. If Kelly Hoppen's client had really wanted to have a chandelier with dead real birds, it takes a very different artist to create a work of art that uses them to create a Jekyll and Hyde frisson -- beautiful one  minute, chillling the next. This is the Belgian Nora de Rudder's The Birds:

The Birds by Nora de Rudder

Le Volière comes in quite a large family now -- a larger pendant

an applique

Voliere by Challieres wall light

and even a table light

Voliere by Challieres table lightIt is part of Mathieu Challières Un Petit Air du Campagne series which also includes Pommes:

Pommes by Challieres

They bring a smile on the rainiest of Monday mornings, like Mathieu himself!

A lighting factlet: the atelier of Challières Paris is next door to Ombre Portée's!

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