Subscribing to Fine Lighting News

Fine Lighting News 165There are two ways to subscribe to Fine Lighting news. 1. Subscribe by email

Subscribe this way and you will be sent an email a day, showing you what was posted the previous day.

There is a picture and just forty words. The intention is that in just ten seconds a day, you can decide whether you want to read more.

You may also remember the images: since all  the posts are archived with their images showing, you will have no trouble finding them again -- you don't need to save them or even make a conscious effort to remember them!

We think that this is the most efficient way to keep you up-to-date with new lights and related information. It is therefore how we intend most readers (people specifying lighting, in particular) to access the posts.

The service is powered by Feedburner, which determines the look and feel.

2. RSS feed to your reader

At the moment, the full post is showing in the reader, whereas we intend that only the section above "continue reading" does.

These services are designed to be for the benefit of you, dear reader, so do please give us your feed-back.

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