New from bsweden: Cymbal and Wave

bsweden Cymbal pendant blackbackFor the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair (which opens today and runs until 7th February), bsweden have brought out some new designs, which are introduced in their latest newsletter. Do read it: as you would expect with bsweden, all the new designs are are interesting, useful -- and a little bit different.

I want to draw your attention to two of them. Cymbal comes in a pendant version (above) and a floor version:

bsweden Cymbal floor whiteback

It was designed for them by Helena Svensson, It is a simple design that does not distract from the play of light on the brass surface. There are very few pendants in any material that share these proportions.

In our opinion, the reason why the collection is so strong is that Gunnel Svensson, who set the company up, is a designer herself. She is also totally involved in the running of the company -- you can meet her on their stands at trade fairs. This keeps her in touch with the market and her customers. In fact, you may have met her already:

Gunnel Svensson of bswedenAs evidence of her design abilities, here is another new introduction, Wave:

bsweden Wave red blackback This is the charming commentary on it in the newsletter:

Already during her studies at Politécnica in Milan, the teachers commented that Gunnel had a special feeling for curved lines. Gunnel's thoughts back then were that she could design with straight lines as well, which at the time was believed to be a bit more sophisticated. Much later we can see that many of her most popular designs do in fact incorporate curved lines: Egg, Ghost and Clover, which are now all classic lights that she has designed for Bsweden with smooth curves and a striking shape. This is also the case now with the pendant Wave which is launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

bsweden Wave black whiteback

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