Il Pezzo Mancante 3 LED chandelier

Il Pezzo Mancante 3 long chandelier We are delighted to see Il Pezzo Mancante's advertisement in the December 2011's idfx. This exciting young company, based in Florence, has begun with a collection of six products. Five of them are furniture  -- tables, cupboards, low padded seats, shelves. They share a focus on solid wood, carefully chosen, that is oiled (not varnished or painted) in order to bring out the texture and grain. This is married to other fine materials -- marble, leather, brass in various finishes. Every design is distinctive (look at the feet/legs in the image above, for example)  and can be customized, in form and in choice of wood.

But Fine Lighting News is more interested in Il Pezzo Mancante 3, a thrilling family of lights, a long pendant version of which is also shown above.

Besides this long one (the design is modular, so it can be very long -- the current record is 2m),

Il Pezzo Mancante 3 2m chandelier

there is a more conventional chandelier-shaped pendant (here shown in black nickel):

Il pezzo mancante 3 chandelier in black nickel

a wall light, here shown in their brass finish:

Il pezzo mancante 3 wall light in brass

and a floor light, here shown in nickel:

il pezzo mancante 3 floor lamp in nickelWe see a lot of lights. But every now and then a new design really stands out, and this is certainly one of them!

The gentle swelling of the glass "candle" follows through into the "lamp holder" that it sits in. The light source is a LED let into the candle holder, that shines up through the candle: there is no glare because the LED can't be seen.

However, until we visited the showrooms last month, we had only seen CGIs. In reality, the design turns out to be even better (I'm relieved to say!).  A brilliant touch is the way that the glass candle is partly hollow. As a result,  the light is reflected back more strongly at the top, more closely emulating the flame on a candle. The hollow, but not the flame effect, can be seen more clearly in this CGI image:

Il Pezzo Mancante 3 wall light

Though this is, to date, one of the best uses of LEDs in a decorative light fitting, we are looking forward to a halogen version, which will give it a proper incandescent light source....

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