Manufacturers' Pages: 2D and 3D CAD files

Terzani 3D CAD still from TurboSquidHigh quality visualizations are becoming essential to interior design consultancies, both as a marketing tool and to communicate concepts to clients. They take time to create, so there is increasing pressure within studios only to specify items for which CAD files already exist. Therefore, CAD files are also becoming essential marketing tools for manufacturers.

The CAD files for their lights should be accessible via the manufacturer's web site. The trouble is, every web site is different, so time can be wasted faffing about trying to find out whether they provide them and, if so, where.

This is where the Cameron Peters Fine Lighting web site comes to your rescue!

Each one of the Manufacturers' Pages has a table at the bottom right hand corner headed GO TO DIRECTORIES OF SPECIFIC PAGES ON MANUFACTURERS'WEB SITES.

Bover Manufacturer's Page on on any of these and you are presented with a table. For example, here is a section of the table for 3D CAD files:

3D CAD table in Manufacturers' Pages on how many are showing as "None". This prevents you from wasting time looking for them -- you know that there are none to find. You can also see at a glance which manufacturers to avoid if you only want to specify  lights for which 3D files are available.

The table is always the same, so you can access it via any manufacturer's page -- i.e. not necessarily via the page of the manufacturer whose light you are seeking a 3D CAD file for.

This also means that heavy CAD users can bookmark the page. This way, they are always only a click away from the full table.

To keep these tables up-to-date, please help us:

CAD users: we don't use CAD ourselves, so do let us know if we are not presenting this information in the most helpful way. There is a column for each file type, but we are dependent upon the information provided on the manufacturer's web site

CAD users again: because we don't use the files, we can't check them, so do please tell us about any problems

manufacturers: please help us to keep these tables up-to-date by letting us know if you move your CAD files or, if you are a None at the moment, when you start making them available from your web site (and where they are!).

Some manufacturers do not have 3D CAD files for all their lights. Where you can't find what you want, don't forget the paid-for sources of 3D files. The image at the head of this post is from TurboSquid. It is of an Atlantis, by Terzani. Here is the real thing...

terzani atlantis sospensione versione bombata b

...and you can access the full collection here.

CAD users: you can use the Comments facility below to add anything which you, as users, would like the manufacturers to bear in mind when they are making CAD files available -- for example, which file types.

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