Warm ceramic and LED light installation from Boatswain

Boatswain Levitas ah41Jason Boatswain, of Boatswain Lighting, is capable of amazing work with porcelain. In the past, his company (née Diffuse) has produced elegant shades in which art conceals art -- lights like this Sylph, which is 32cm high, are difficult to do when the porcelain is so thin, yet the individual pieces quite large: Boatswain Sylph ceramic pendant

The thin porcelain is semi-translucent and adds a wonderful glow, even when used with sources of artificial light -- CFLis and LEDs. The effect is like a candle:

Boatswain Levitas ceramic installation ah14

This installation by Boatswain was for a private residence in England (hence the downlighters). It uses their Levitas design, which is intended for bespoke arrangements. The light source is LED, which allows the suspension cables to be extremely thin, so that the Levitas "candles" seem to be hovering.

This could be seen as a safer alternative to Ingo Maurer's magical, iconic Fly Candle Fly!

ingo_maurer_fly_candle_fly_pendelleuchte_585_0Made up of real candles:

Ingo Maurer fly candle fly 1_br

In this project, Levitas is providing a very good solution for lighting over a rectangular table. Note also this rare occurence of lights over a table not being hung too high, for which we should thank the interior designers, Ashton House Design. Hooray!

The porcelain Levitas candles even look good when not lit...

Boatswain Levitas ah32 ...their natural material, with its matt surface, an excellent foil for a table designed to bring out its woodiness.

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