How to Design and Make a Light: Pleat Box from Marset

Pleat-Box by Xavier Manosa and Mashallah Design for Marset, GoldWe have featured the Pleat Box from Marset before -- see here. However, we are going to take every opportunity to show what it takes to design and make a light, because we see, daily, the consequences of specifiers having no knowledge or understanding of these processes.

But the other reason is that it can be really interesting how something is designed and made! It can also be what makes the light worthy of consideration in the first place -- who designed it, what it is made from, and how.

So here is a really good video (not long, nice music!)  from Marset... which the Barcelona-based designer, Xavier Mañosa explains how he, and the Mashallah design studio in Berlin, first came up with the idea. We then see one being made.

See?, I told you that it was interesting!

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