Paul Cocksedge revives Styrene

Paul Cocksedge Styrene 1Imagine! It is already ten years since Paul Cocksedge created Styrene as his 2002 graduation piece from the Royal College of Art. Made up of hundreds of heat-shrunk coffee cups, Styrene's grand symmetry is broken up by a series of small apertures for stark light to escape, creating an intriguing shadow-play on surrounding surfaces.

Paul Cocksedge styrene 4It wil be included in British Design 1948-2012: Innovation in the Modern Age at the V&A from 31 March to 12 August 2012.

This major exhibition will showcase the best of British design and creative talent from the 1948 "Austerity Olympics" to the summer of 2012. It will be the first comprehensive exhibition to examine the ways in which artists and designers, who were born, trained or working in the UK, have produced innovative and internationally acclaimed works from post-war to the present day.

It is absolutely right that Paul should be included. He is one of the most exciting and innovative artists creating lights (and sculptures) at the moment. It is also appropriate that he should be exhibiting again at the V&A -- many of us first became aware of him at the seminal Brilliant exhibition there in 2004, where he showed Neon...

Paul Cocksedge neon 1... a light that only really "works" in darkness (an odd thing to say about a light, but I know what I mean....)

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