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Serafini marble pendant detail Serafini fiamma16 marble group

We welcome with enthusiasm the trend for marble lights. Serafini Marmo Luce is young company currently working in calacatta marble (above) and travertine (below)

Serafini travertine strato grande detailserafini travertine Strato Large 2Calacatta marble is very similar to carrara marble -- it looks pretty much the same and it is also mined at Carrara (where the village square is paved with marble and where, after a busy day at the marble face, the miners go back to the bar to eat the finest lardo and drink English beer). We are indebted to fellow blogger Houzz for a useful post Carrara vs Calacatta Marble: what is the Difference? Calacatta is rare than carrara and is considered a luxury stone.

The best way to bring out the quality of the material is to shine light through it. By cutting into the marble more in some places than others, the translucency varies:

Serafini marble fiamma25 pendant 02And, although a noble material associated with big sculptures and buildings, it works fine on a small scale also:

Serafini marble table light 6371This light is 50cm high (the shade being 25cm high).

Because travertine is holey, its effect is different, but very lively and interesting:

Serafini travertine pendantAnd travertine works on a very large scale -- after all, it is what Rome is made of!

Serafini travertine strato_out_007Other marble lights have come from companies with the very finest pedigree -- the Canova pendant and ceiling from Michele de Lucchi's Produzione Privata in Milan...

Canova produzione privata sospensione

Produzione Privata Canova soffitto

...whilst in a picturesque medieval barn in Germany, Georg Eisenhut of Gio is using carrara and other marbles to make glorious long, linear pendants. The light source is halogen, so a proper light is cast downwards onto the table (or whatever) beneath, and these lights glow in a way that draws people across a crowded room like moths to a lamp. Ideal not just for rectangular dining tables and snooker/pool/billiards tables, but also for reception desks in hotels. Here is his Carré X in carrara marble

Gio carré x 60 carrara marble pendant

and a tiny matching wall light, Pix, also in the carrara marble version:

GIO PIX_CARRARA marble wall light

Finally, &Tradition will soon be adding to their collection Mass Light, designed for them by Norm Architects in Copenhagen.

&Tradition MASS LIGHT marble pendant normIn this case, the structure (i.e. the bit that is not the translucent globe), which would normally be metal or something, is made of marble. It took them a long time and much searching to find a marble with graining that would work in such a small piece. But we saw Mass Light at Maison et Objet in January 2012 and it looked very good. Several can be hung together:

&Tradition MASS_LIGHT pendant group NormIt is scheduled for release in June 2012.

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