91 light Palm Chandelier from Freedom of Creation

FOC Bespoke Palm Chandelier 91 light 2 Just one of Freedom of Creation's Palms looks amazing...

Freedom of Creation Palm hanging 7 b...its apparently simple form in fact a complex arrangement of curves, made possible by the laser sintering of a polyamide. It has a wonderful texture and is semi-translucent, creating variations of light and shade in the luminaire, as you can see.

Palm, designed by the Finn, Janne Kyttanen, comes in various versions - -the single pendant (above), a table light and a floor light. There is also a standard 37 light chandelier:

FOC Palm Chandelier 36 light

But, gloriously, for a private residence in London, the interior designers Staffan Tollgård commissioned a 91 light version:

FOC Bespoke Palm Chandelier low 1

It is 160cm in diameter and the metal frame has a gun metal finish. The polyamide Palms complement the decorated stucco ceiling.

Images courtesy of Freedom of Creation

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