Cone Lamp by Atelier Areti

Atelier Areti Cone Lamp wall lightAtelier Areti are one of our favourite manufacturers. Their designs have a purity, a concentration on essentials, whilst allowing them to be playful, beautiful. There is a strongly-held moral philosophy underpinning all that they do. They express it thus: "Areti is committed to the notion of sustainability through quality. The aim is to create products that last, both through the quality of the design and the material."

They have just announced that full details and images of their current range are now on their web site.

Atelier Areti Cone sconceCone is a design of great simplicity. It has a rightness, married to good proportions and detailing. By using a crown-silvered lamp, there is no glare, even when the bottom of the lamp can be seen. Instead, a diffused light is reflected from the white lining of the diffuser.

Atelier Areti Alouette Having seen Cone, Alouette should be easier to understand, oh ye decoration haters! The diffuser is similar, the main difference being that it is smaller and takes a halogen lamp. But this time, the back of the diffuser has been shaped like a bird. The effect is charming, particularly when they are placed in a row on a bar.

The design comes in other typologies -- here, a task light.

Atlier Areti alouette table task light

They are based in London and France, with close ties to partner studios in Sweden and Germany.

Atelier Areti alouette on a bar

Cute -- and why not?

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