Mesh by Arik Levy for Forestier

FORESTIER SUSPENSION MESHCUBIC L by Arik Levy We are delighted to welcome Paris-based Forestier to our portfolio of fine lighting companies. Theirs is very well-priced collection of distinctive designs, by an impressive roster of designers, that includes Neil Poulton and Ionna Vautrin (who did Binic and Chouchin for Foscarini).

Quirky collections like this cannot usually be specified, because their lights don't have the necessary certificates of conformity. Fortunately, Forestier is part-owned by the biggest French lighting group, that has its own laboratories, so their lights can be specified without a qualm.

We're featuring the Mesh collection by Arik Levy, because wire and and metal chain are very popular at the moment, because the designs are very distinctive. And because the designs are good, making  exciting use of the spacing of wires and the moiré effect of wire behind wire.The big pendant light above (Suspension Mesh Cubic MM) is part of a family:

Forestier mesh floor and table lights by arik levythat also includes other big, distinctive pendants:

FORESTIER MESH CUBIC XL by ARIK LEVYFORESTIER SUSPENSION MESH NOIRE ARIK LEVYBy the way, Forestier also does these wire chandeliers (this is their Gloria chandelier):

Forestier gloria wire chandelierNote that they do not do matching wall lights -- they don't do any wall lights. Also, there are problems with the product pages on the web site at the moment.

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