Club floor and table task lights by Luis Viñas for Bover

Bover club-p floor light by Luis VinasBefore a light can be sold, it has to pass a tilt test. Reading lights should cast their light over what is being read, not onto their own base. This means that they have to lean out. The usual ways to resolve the inherent instability that this creates are either to have a very heavy base, or to restrict the movement of the light body to one quadrant, and have the foot extend further in that direction. But here is Bover apparently achieving the impossible! The base of Club, designed by Luis Viñas, projects in the opposite direction to where the light is: completely counterintuitive -- it looks like it should fall over.The effect is cleverly tense, unnerving.

The result is a very practical light, since the light being cast goes onto the book, and the base is well away from the chair.

The detailing is lovely...

Bover club-p-3 foot...this base does not look heavy, but it is constructed from satisfyingly solid chunks of metal.

The closing of shade is also neatly achieved, in an unapologetic, masculine way. The lamp is turned on and off by an elegant reed that you can also just see in this picture -- much easier to find than a switch on the cable:

Bover club-p-2 shade detaiThere is also a table version:

Bover club-tThis shot shows how effectively it puts the light where it is needed -- on the book -- and there is a top diffuser, to prevent glare:

Bover club-t-2The reading light is 147cm high and the total width is 63cm. The same dimensions for the table light are 50cm and 43.5cm. They both take standard E27 lamps. There are also matching wall lights.

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