Friday fun: Penguins. Live videocam, 24 hours a day!

penguins stillThe picture above is still. But below is a live feed! If it isn't working, try refreshing the page. And if you still have problems, the link to the Discovery Channel feed is here.

Live stream by Ustream

So...throughout March and April, Penguin Cam will be streaming live video of the penguins at Seaworld San Diego. Amongst the 300 are represented all five Antarctic species (Emperiors, Kings, Adélies, Gentoos and Macaronis.

It's very cold(-3°C), so at times the picture won't look perfect. The cam operators are monitoring it, so if things don't look great right now, please try again later.

Also, SeaWorld is constantly monitoring the penguins' health and safety. If a penguin hasn't moved for a while, just sit back, relax and watch it sleep. It'll be up again in no time.

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