Pallucco: Bolle floor light by Joe Colombo

Pallucco Bolle by Joe Colombo 1Pallucco are re-editing the Bolle floor light by Joe Colombo. It is 173cm high and equipped with two fluorescent tubes running up the centre, supplemented by a 100W halogen uplighter. Contrary to early announcements, the tubes are always dimmable, but the uplighter isn't. It comes in black or white:

Its appearance can be adjusted. Each hole is on a separate aluminium ring, each of which can be rotated and positioned at will.

Joe Colombo is one of the characters who most influenced design in the 1960s (and not just design -- he was also a painter, a sculptor, an architect...). These were exciting times -- technological advances, space exploration.... His particular fascination was with the habitat of the future, demonstrating his ideas using his own flat -- he moved four times in ten years.

Besides this light from Pallucco, we have Oluce to thank for keeping many of his iconic designs in production. They include this famous desk light:

Oluce colombo desk light by joe colombothis characteristic table light:

Oluce coupe table by joe colomboand one of the all-time best arco-type floor standing suspension lights:

Oluce Coupe 3320 set by Joe colombowith this beautiful head:

Oluce Coupe floor head by joe colombo

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