Why is Sofie Refer's Ice chandelier so good?

Why is the Ice chandelier by Sofie Refer for Refer+Staer (the company that she runs with Jacob Staer) so good? Well...

1. The design of the basic component is excellent. The balls are the right size and the detailing of the metal structure is elegant.

2. By producing a gold special edition...

Refer & Staer Ice chandelier gold

...and the Ice Black Star (for which the glass ball is made out of crystal, with a star engraved into it)...

Refer & Staer Ice-Black-Star chandelier

...Ice is also appropriate for projects where a bit more bling (rather than Scandinavian restraint) is required.

3. It is particularly suitable for stairwells:

4. The wide range of ways in which they can be grouped as standard, now that there are six different arrangements with their own top plate, as well as their willingness to create custom arrangements. For example, here at Saks Fifth Avenue:

Refer & Staer Ice in Saks Fifth Avenue NYC

and at Villa Moda, Dubai

Refer & Staer Ice at Villa Moda, Dubai

or the Topaz restaurant in Istanbul:

Refer & Staer Ice Topaz Restaurant, Istanbul

They can be spaced further apart, as here:

Refer & Staer Ice SGP Lux Lightor complement a more edgy interior, as in this installation for Danish Silver:

Refer & Staer Ice Chandelier Danish Silver

5. The prices are very competitive.

6. Both interior designers, and the public, like Ice chandeliers! Maybe because...

7. ...they are easy designs to understand. They have a clarity (which is not easy to achieve) that means people "get it" immediately. As a result, Ice chandeliers work very well at pitches.

They can be hung as individual pendants, of course, and they come in clear, blue and grey:

Refer & Staer Ice Pendants

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