Verner Panton revisited

Moon by Verner PantonOur remit is not only to introduce new lights, but also to remind us all of the great designs that have been around for a while -- such as Verner Panton's Moon, above, from Verpan. We think we know all about them, but there can be changes -- new specs, new materials, new colours, new sizes -- that can have passed us by. A case in point is shown below -- at first glance, a Panto from 1977, but in fact the version of VP-Globe introduced in 2009 that (except for the outer sphere) is all in frosted glass, giving a very different effect.

VP Globe glass by Verner Panton

Verner Panton capiz shells In Europe, Fun Mother of Pearl (11DM) has the cool 1960s feel that is associated with Verner Panton, but in America, capiz shells are still used in contemporary lighting, and with good reason. This pendant is a good shape, an effective fitting (preventing glare whilst letting the light from the lamp through in all directions), and looks at home in many different locations, for example:

Verner Panton Fun Mother of Pearl DM11 set Now we can look at Onion in a contemporary light too...

Verner Panton Onion Set over table

Verner Panton Onion set...but maybe not Spiral Gold SP1! Let's enjoy this for its gold bling, undercut by its being made of material so light that it is moved by the gentlest zephyr!

Verner Panton Spiral Gold set

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