Workshop task light by Sami Kallio

WORKSHOP task light by SAMI KALLIO- FOTO HENRIK SUNDBLADA simple, thoughtful, design, using well-chosen materials, from Sami Juhani Kallio. The untreated ash structure, steam-heated to allow the bend to be put into it, conceals the cord, which runs up through its centre (typically, in the many wood task lights that are coming out at the moment, the cable runs externally and can look messy). The base is painted metal. The aluminium shade hangs from a leather loop, so that it can be slid along the structure (though it is not clear yet how the cable length is managed). The total height is adjustable, thanks to a satisfying brass screw:

Workshop by Sami Kallio brass knob

Here's a grey one

workshop task light by Sami Kallio in grey

Sami Juhani Kallio was born in Helsinki, but now lives and works as a freelance designer in Gothenburg, Sweden.

To read more, visit Remodelista.

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