Fin Light by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Fin Light pendant 02The other brilliant light (besides the Etch Web) that Tom Dixon will be showing at MOST during the Milan Furniture Fair is Fin Light. Form is following function. One of the big problems with LEDs is keeping them cool, so there normally has to be substantial heat sinks. Like Carlo Forcolini's Star of 2006, for the now-defunct Oy Light...

Star LED pendant from Oy Light

...the heat sink of Fin Light becomes the main decorative element. In this case, the body is made from extruded aluminium. As in Star, it is shaped into fins in order to provide a large surface area.

Fin Light provides a lot of light, thanks to 6 LEDs magnified through a giant acrylic lens, which broadens the area over which the light falls (thus overcoming another common problem with LEDs).

In fact, the light falls in elegant circles:

Tom Dixon Fin Light pendant The available colours/finishes are natural, electric blue and (hooray, again!) copper. It costs between £300 and £400. There is also a table version.

We think that this is a cracking design.

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