ip44.de: the best outdoor lights just got even easier to specify and install!

ip44.de Como exterior wall light Directly from the web site of ip44.de, you can now download the following PDFs from any product page:

  • product sheets
  • Eulumdats
  • technical drawings
  • installation and maintenance instructions
  • drill templates.

As an example, have a look at the page for Como.

The German exterior lighting specialist ip44.de is one of the few decorative lighting companies that is doing fantastic work with LEDs -- a low energy light source that is more suited to use outdoors than fluorescent lamps.

But an incandescent light source will always make people happier, so ip44.de continue to offer halogen as well as LED versions. To show in a non-technical way (so, comprehensible by your client) the difference of how the light will fall, they have taken pictures of the two sources, side-by-side:

ip44 comparison como exterior wall light

For anyone interested in learning more about their IvyLight LED technology, there is a link from the product page to a beautifully clear and simple explanation. Here's a still from it:

ip44.de IvyLight 1 enIt spells out the six advantages of IvyLight, and concludes with a Comparison of Costs.

ip44 IvyLight cost comparison

The whole presentation is so simple, so clear -- so helpful! (If ip44.de can do it, why can't everybody?)

Oh, and note the wonderful finish on Como, the light at the head of this post! This is their bronze noir anodized brushed aluminium. The other finishes are black, white and anodized brushed aluminium, this last being the only finish available for the halogen version.

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