Troika chandeliers for the Royal Society of Arts

Troika chandelier for the RSA 3Isn't this fabulous? It is by Troika, an enlightened commission by the Royal Society of Arts. We'll classify it as a chandelier since there are several discrete light sources; in this case, powerful LEDs that are shining up through the fresnel lens that you can see above. Though the eye is caught by the light on the ceiling, the luminaire itself is minimal and elegant, a design lifted by the container for the lights being a spot of red.

Troika chandelier for the RSA 4

Here is this most contemporary chandelier, comfortable in its traditional surroundings,  the white ring around the lens relating to the white circles on the ceiling:

Troika chandelier for the RSA 7

To read more, visit Dezeen.

Troika have  a particular interest in what can be done with light. See here a collection of their light experiments such as this one:

Troika_lightexperiment03-lrNor are they strangers to prestigious commissions. They were responsible for the Green Map on the undersides of Thomas Heatherwick's fabulous Seed Cathedral -- the UK pavilion at the  2010 World Expo in Shangai.

they also did the mesmerizing Cloud kinetic sculpture in the stairwell leading up to the BA CIP lounges in Heathrow's Terminal 5. Watch this!

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