LC Shutters by Louise Campbell for Louis Poulsen

LC Shutters pendant light by Louise Campbell for Louis Poulsen 01LC Shutters, this new pendant light designed by Louise Campbell for Louis Poulsen, is as carefully thought through as the rest of her collection for them. Like Poul Henningsen, whose iconic lights form the backbone of Louis Poulsen's decorative collection, she never forgets that the lampshade serves two purposes: (1) to protect the eye from glare by ensuring that the lamp cannot be seen, and (2) to distribute the light where it is needed. Of course, it also has to contribute towards the ambience of the space -- as she says, "It is all about finding a delicate balance".

Louise Campbell plus LC Shutters for Louis Poulsen 03LC Shutters comes in these two versions: all white, or with some sections coloured (they are more pastel then they look in these pictures).

The light seeps through them. Have a look at this close-up:

LC Shutters louise campbell louis poulsen colour detailHer thoughts were about gentleness:

"...the job is to create the transition from hard light to gentle light, to distribute the light kindly around the room, without wasting more light than necessary in the letting the light slip through the many cracks and openings and lie soft and gently at the small platforms."

As shutters do. Kind of.

The lamp itself is shaded by a round frosted diffuser inside the shade, so it won't be visible even if you look directly up into it, like this:

LC Shutters white detail

The shade is made of spun aluminium. We never waste an opportunity to show what goes into making a light -- the hard work necessary to create the gentle magic! So...


metal spinningpunching and embossing,

punching and embossingpowder coating,

powder coating assembling, finishing and quality control:

assembly"Even though the material is hard and solid, the expression is soft and gentle." Louise Campbell

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