Light from 1969 relaunched by lahumièredesign

Lahumiere Lumitiple appliquelahumièredesign has re-edited the Lumitiple that was originally issued between 1969 and 1972 by the galerie Lahumière. The gallery was founded by Anne and Jean-Claude Lahumière in 1963. After 25 years they moved to an 18th century building in the Marais. It is still a must-see destination, with its focus on geometric and "constructed" abstraction (e.g. Vasarely).

In 2008 they began to relaunch designs from their past, starting with four objects created by Jean d'Imbleval, of which the Lumitiple is one.

It can be used as wall light, but also as a table light. Here it is head on...

Lahumiere Lumitiple on table...from the side...

Lahumiere Lumitple sideways

...and there's a pendant!

Lahumiere Lumitiple pendant

The Lumitiple is Ø47cm H24.5cm. However, there is also a double Lumitiple, which is Ø80cm H40cm...

Lahumiere double Lumitiple wall light

Lahumiere double Lumitiple pendant lightThe diffuser is made of aluminium, lacquered white, anthracite, a metallized blue or, for quantities of five or more, any RAL colour. The metal is shaped by hand to create entrancing effects of light and shadow:

Lahumiere Lumitiple applique shadowsIn our guides to Maison et Objet we always identify lahumièredesign's stand as one that shoud be seen. It is a small collection, but every item is a winner -- a connoisseur's choice!

lahumieredesign stand 1

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