Delightfull -- for the sheer joy of lighting!

Delightfull clark trombone pendant lightNo-one expresses the sheer joy to be got, not just from lights, but also from making them, as does the aptly-named Delightfull! I love that one day they were (I like to imagine) all chatting in the bar by the sea as the sun went down, and decided that their next light would be based on the trombone.

Delightfull clark pendant light 03

I love even more that they then followed through with this idea, creating a great design, finely detailed, beautifully made -- that will also function properly as a light!

Delightfull clark chandelier 01

Even the way that the light bodies are shooting out in a harmonious, yet energetic, way suggests the jazz that might be played on the trombone....

Delightfull clark chandelier 04

Because it is fundamental to our wayof thinking, we quote Oscar Wilde on our web site:

“Do not use anything which you do not know to be a pleasure to yourself, and which you do not believe was a pleasure to the workman who made it.”

Lights like this from Delightfull certainly give pleasure to the user, but they also vibrate with the excitement that they have had in making them -- would that everyone could do something so useful, and get such pleasure from doing it....

Their wider enthusiasm for lighting is demonstrated by the fact that they are the only lighting maker (as far as we know) to have a blog (called Unique) which mostly covers other people's lights, rather than their own.

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