New to the Light Finder: Torremato

Torremato bitta outdoor path lightTorremato is a new collection of indoor and outdoor lighting that takes its inspiration from the characteristics of the materials being used -- primarily metal and wood. Then, wit and design flair are stirred into the mix. The result is lighting that functions very well, whilst looking great, as the three examples here demonstrate. outbox by torremato exterior light in cor-ten

Inbox/outbox (above) is made from Cor-ten -- a material specially developed to stand up to the conditions faced by North Sea oil rigs (so you can put these lights anywhere!). It has a wonderful, patinated rust finish but, unlike other lights made from rusty metal, won't rust or deteriorate any more. The teetering of the boxes adds life to what is normally a very static type of design, but the lean also ensures that the light is cast down onto the path, where it is needed.

The chunky Bitta, (at the top) is shaped like the bollards on a ship's dock. The metal is cast iron. The wood is heat-treated ash. The lights are LEDs.


sombrero pendant light from torremato

... is an indoor light with a metal diffuser that comes in two shapes, and in white, black or Cor-ten. The electrical components are in a housing made of light ash. A gap between the metal and the ash allows some of the light to pass upwards to illuminate the wood.

Torremato is the brainchild of Il Fanale (, a company based near Treviso that is our source for the traditional rustic lights made of iron, brass, glass and terracotta that you'll find on an Italian farm or in a restaurant.

Il Fanale Terre Cotte rise and fallIl Fanale Il Poggio triple pendantIl Fanale Barchessa wall lightSo, quite a contrast in styles! But the same emphases on functionality and truth to materials.

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