New to the Lighting Catalogue: Örsjö Belysning

Örsjö Belysning Aria pendant light Örsjo Belysning (=lighting) are based in the town of Örsjo, in south east Sweden.

It is not just a cliché that Scandinavian lighting makers, with their long hours of darkness, have a particular understanding of what a light fitting has to be able to do, plus an abillity to take a conventional typology and refresh it.

For example, take Aria, above: a pendant comprising a lampshade at the end of a rod. But by simply bending the rod, the designers (Claesson Koivisto Rune -- known for their good lighting) have added interest and tension -- at first glance it should not be able to hang with the shade parallel to the floor.

 Örsjö Belysning Kvist chandelier in copper

Kvist is technically a chandelier, and a very useful one -- the lamp holders can be adjusted to point in whichever direction you like. You can put any E27 lamp in (so you can mix'n'match) and this version is made out of copper plumber's piping.

Örsjö klerk chandelier

Klerk is a family of chandeliers with a mid-20th century feel ideal for large spaces, such as churches. The lights pointing up and the lights pointing down can be switched separately.

Örsjö Great White applique

They say of Great White (the applique above) that:

The Great White is a wall lamp in rough brass with an arched arm proportioned to allow people to walk underneath it. The lampshade, with the subtle curvature around its top is reminiscent of a big fish swallowing the bait.

Örsjo Belysning have been making lights for over 60 years. Much of their work is custom -- have a look at the Projects page of their web site to see some super work.

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