Thrilling custom Spiral Nebula and Protea from Willowlamp!

Custom spiral nebula from WillowlampTo send us all off for the Easter break with a spring in our steps, here is a picture of a custom Spiral Nebula hanging in their Cape Town workshops that Adam Hoets of Willowlamp sent us this morning. It is Ø150cm: they are about to make another one that is Ø180cm! Chandeliers --  even chandeliers as fabulous as this one! -- are made by real people. Oh yes. To remind us of this, and to show the pride that they take in their work, here is a snap of the Spiral Nebula with the team that made it.

Ø150cm Spiral Nebula by Adam Hoets for Willowlamp Chandeliers also have to be designed by someone. Here is the fons et origo of Willowlamp designs now, Adam Hoets, with a large custom version of Protea (also Ø150cm) that they have just completed:

Ø150cm Protea with Adam Hoets of WillowlampSo, fabulous chandeliers, made by gods real people!

Since Friday Fun is inappropriate to Good Friday, and anyway it is a public holiday in UK, as is Monday, our posts will resume on Tuesday, 10 April.

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