Outdoor track lighting for the first time! tensEsterni from Cini&Nils

Cini & Nile tensEsterni outdoor track lighting restaurantWhen Cini & Nils launched their Tenso system in 1994, it was the world's first mains (230V) cable system. At Light+Building this month, they showed another first: an exterior version. Suddenly, you can place lights where you could never have placed them before, or where you would have needed expensive and unsightly poles to put them on!

The image above shows the tensEsterni system in use over restaurant tables -- just lights, hovering in space where they are needed. The cables can be up to 200m in length, so long as they are supported (by a pole, a building, a tree -- they offer the necessary accessories) every 30m.

Cini & Nile tensEsterni sferaorientabile, cable-mounted spotBesides the cables, the main component is a sphere into which different types of lamp can be placed, depending upon what you need them to do. The picture in the restaurant garden uses an opalescent sphere (the "sfera opalescente") to create general ambient lighting. There are three other options, all IP65. The sphere in close-up above (the "sfera orientabile") contains a spot light that you can orientate within the sphere to point where the light is required. Here it is in use...

Cini & Nils exterior track-mounted spot light...and here are some other things that you can do for the first time:

-- provide directional lighting over a swimming pool (outdoors or indoors):

Cini & Nils tensEsterni exterior cable lighting over a swimming pool

-- light a small courtyard from the centre, not the walls:

Cini&Nils tensEsterni outdoor cable-mounted lights courtyard

-- light a path with a series of lights, each one of which would otherwise have to be on its own pole:

Cini & Nile tensEsterni exterior track lights snow-- put light over a lawn. (This is an example of the cables bowed down towards their centre. You can also have them perfectly taut -- horizontal):

Cini & Nile tensEsterni outdoor track lighting lawn-- put ambient light in a specific location in the garden:

Cili & Nils external trach lighting Lawn chairs on villa patioThe catalogue, with detailed technical and practical information, is available as a PDF here.

Cini & Nils TensEsterni outdoor track light

This is a spectacular technical breakthrough, which we hope will excite you to try new ways of lighting a garden, terrace, park or swimming pool. Let the world be your lobster!

(Note that Cini&Nils do not keep their data on Architonic up-to-date, so information on these lights will be missing from all the sites that use the Architonic Virtual Showroom, including ours.)

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