Value for Money when Purchasing for Hotels: C. Buy Lights Branded by the Maker.

BurjKhalifaPrettyIf no brand name is indicated (as frequently happens to lights in retailers, but also with contract suppliers), walk away. They don't want you to know what you are buying. Why not? One reason is that they don't want you to know that you can buy the light cheaper elsewhere (maybe directly from the maker), and/or from a supplier that offers better service -- a tacit admission that buying from them represents poor value. If the brand name is of a shop, or of a brand that does not specialize in lighting, rather than its maker's brand, the light will represent poorer value. This is because:

1.    if the shop or brand is getting collections designed and made for it, the price has to be higher to cover their additional marketing and retailing costs. A luxury brand can sell goods cheaply made in China at a high price, because of the power of the brand. There is nothing wrong with this in principle, but it does mean that their products do not represent good value for money.

2.    margins on lighting are far smaller than on other quality products. That luxury brand will be charging much more than a lighting company could for the same light.

3.    if the maker is not putting his name on it, he is not standing behind the product: there is no incentive for him to make a quality product that will last.  The brand that IS on it is, by definition, not of a lighting specialist.

If you don't know who made it, you don't know if the maker is reputable and reliable (see preceding post B).

Note: this series of posts builds up into a single Briefing, a PDF of which is downloadable here: A Briefing on Value for Money when Purchasing for Hotels.

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