The Bauhaus: WG24 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld from Tecnolumen

WG24 table light by Wilhelm Wagenfeld from Tecnolumen The biggest Bauhaus exhibition in London since 1968 has just opened at the Barbican. As people become re-acquainted with the output of the School -- particularly of those who taught there -- as well as with the quality of design that it facilitated, and the influence that it has had ever since, there will be delight that some of the finest designs are still in production.

This is in no small part thanks to Tecnolumen, a company originally formed specifically to re-issue the WG24 that Wilhelm Wagenfeld designed in 1924, whilst he was studying at the Bauhaus under Laszló Moholy-Nagy. It comes in various forms, the version below with the metal (as opposed to glass) base and structure being the WA24.

WA24 table light by Wilhelm Wagenfeld from Tecnolumen

Only Tecnolumen has been licensed by Wilhelm Wagenfeld to manufacture this light. But there are fakes around! Here, Tecnolumen explains how to differentiate the real thing from the fakes (though, in our experience, it is usually easy enough to do by eye, because the fakes are badly proportioned and less well made).

Note that a pair of WG24s looks fabulous either side of a bed. They are well suited to being bedside lights, thanks to the diffused, glare-free light that they cast.

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