The Bauhaus: DMB30 by Marianne Brandt from Tecnolumen

DMB30 ceiling light by Marianne Brandt from Tecnolumen Marianne Brandt was one of the most prolific designers of lights at the Bauhaus which, like Wilhelm Wagenfeld, she joined in 1924 to study under László Moholy-Nagy.

This ceiling light, DMB30, is one of series that she designed for Schwintzer & Gräfe, who launched them in their catalogue for the 1928/29 season. It is quite large, at Ø60cm. It is such a cliché to say that it could have been designed yesterday, but it is useful to be reminded how timeless such a design is. It is therefore highly suitable for any project where the interior is intended to last, and not feel outdated during its life.

Other lights of hers are so much part of the current language of lights that it is as if they have always been around -- that no-one actually created them. A good example is HMB25, a metal rise'n'fall:

hmb25 by marianne brandt from tecnolumen

or DMB26, an architypal design, helpfully available as a ceiling light:

dmb26 ceiling light by marianna brandt for tecnolumen

or as, DMB27, a pendant:

hmb27 pendant light by marianne brandt for tecnolumen

Whilst the Bauhaus exhibition is on at the Barbican in London, there will be no shortage of information easily available about the Bauhaus. However, Tecnolumen's commitment to the Bauhaus extends to very useful, relevant and practical information that will always be available on their web site. This includes a bibliography of book and web sources, should you be interested in taking your understanding of the Bauhaus further.

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