The Bauhaus: BH23 Floor Light with Counterweight from Tecnolumen

floor light with counterweight BH23 from tecnolumen

As will be seen at the major Bauhaus exhibition at London's Barbican, not all the products designed at the Bauhaus are attributable to a specific individual. Tecnolumen have re-ssued a number of Bauhaus lights that are anonymous, including BH23, this wonderful floor-standing reading light with a counterweight.

Here it is, adjusted and in a real space:

Floor light with Counterweight BH23 from Tecnolumen

It shows typical construction details from the early Bauhaus period: wall lights with similar mechanics were designed by Marianne Brandt and K J Jucker.

Having immersed themselves so deeply in the Bauhaus history and aesthetic, Tecnolumen are able to add to their collection lights that were not designed at the Bauhaus but that are in the same spirit. The most famous is the world's finest desk light, with the  balancing system patented by Eduard-Wilfred Buquet in Paris on 9 february 1927 (at just before half past four in the afternoon...) -- the EB27:

EB27 E-W Buquet desk light from tecnolumen

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